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10 Best Ad Copies for Chat Bots

If you can develop chatbots and have no clue how to advertise your skill, you’ve come to the right article. Chatbots are surely popular these days, many big companies and brands have developed their own chatbots, for which they would have paid a good sum to the programmers doing their job. This article gives you a nice overview on the basis of advertisement and mentions various chatbot Facebook ads and Google AdWords copies.

Chatbots are the most popular among Facebook Messenger users and Kik Users, while there are some other messenger tools that use chatbots too. Thus to showcase your programming skills, Facebook and Google are going to be the best platforms. The target audience for your chatbot Facebook ads is surely not comprised of teenagers, rather it is of professional people or companies who would be looking for someone to make chatbots for them. 

That said, Facebook gives amazing control over the target audience thus you can select the age, gender, education, etc., of people you want your chatbot Facebook ad to be shown to. Along with that, adding phrases like the ones mentioned below would help:

  • Business
  • “Get yourself a Chatbot”
  • Benefit for Brand
  • Mentioned the free services you would provide.

Now to the main course, here are the 10 most popular Chabot ads that you are going to find anywhere. Read them one by one to get an idea, and copy-paste the one you like, or edit it to your needs.

Here are 10 Chat Bots ads Samples for You!

Ad Copy 1:
Primary Text:
 In these modern times, the conventional ways of advertisement might not be enough. We will develop the best Chabot for your business and get it online and running. Contact us at (Number)
Heading: Revolutionize your Business – Get yourself Chatbot

Ad Copy 2:
Primary Text:
 Give your brand the perfect interaction-method with a professional Chabot. We can do the job for you so ease up and call us at (Number).
Heading: Chatbot Developers are all here!

Ad Copy 3:
Primary Text:
In need of professional and user-friendly Chabot for your company or business? We are here for your help. In only $30 you can get an efficient Chabot. So, call us now without wasting any more time.
Heading: Get a Chatbot for only $30  

Ad Copy 4:
Primary Text:
We can create the perfect website for you on your own terms, along with an attractive Chabot to help users connect to you directly from their messaging apps. Call us today.
Heading: (Company Name) – Website and Chatbot developers

Ad Copy 5:
Primary Text:
Your company deserves a Chabot to be there in their messengers for the help of your clients or users. And we are here to help you with that. Reach out to us and tell us about your company or brand, and let us do the magic.
Heading: Take the Next step for your Company – Get a Chatbot

Ad Copy 6:
Primary Text:
Chatbots are a new way of marketing. Get a Chabot developed on your terms and design in only $40. 
Heading: Innovative Marketing – Get a Chatbot

Ad Copy 7:
Primary Text:
We would develop the best Chabot for you to connect your business with your clients. Marketing has never been easier before. Call us at (Number)
Heading: The world is changing, so Should you – Get a Chabot  

Ad Copy 8:
Primary Text:
7 in out of every 10 people use messenger on a daily basis. So why are you not there advertising your brand or business? Get a Chabot and let It do the work efficiently. Contact us today for special discounts.
Heading: Connect More – Be More – Chatbot Developers.

Ad Copy 9:
Primary Text:
Call us Right Now, to get your very own Chabot alive and running. Whether for business or brand, it’s time for you to get a Chabot.
Heading: Your Own Chatbot for only $50

Ad Copy 10:
Primary Text:
(Company Name) would create a Chabot for you within hours, and get it online too. Call us now for more details. (Number)  
Heading: Getting a Chatbot has Never been easier.

Once people see what is in it for them, they are ought to be interested in whatever you are selling. You must make your ads compelling and such that people find benefits in buying from you.

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