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10 Ad Copies For Business Insurance ads

This type of marketing comes with a specific audience. If you want people to get their business insured by your company, you have to reach out to them. Owners of small businesses, when in need of insurance are most probably going to search on google, while those who have not yet the idea of getting insured could randomly stop on an ad on Facebook which would be enough to motivate them to get insurance. Thus the best place to advertise your business insurance ads is Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. 

For companies looking to get their business insurances sold, the target audience is very specific; businessmen. Advertising on Facebook is very easy and Facebook gives control over the following factors to manipulate your audience:

  • Age, gender, language
  • Location
  • Education
  • Interests 
  • Behaviors
  • Connections 

Getting the right information into the ad controls, you could target the very specific audience that is most probable to buy your insurance. That said, it is best to make your ad look catchy and attention-grabbing because no one is going to read a long boring essay. Adding phrases like the following would make your business insurance ads look more appealing:

  • Protect your business
  • Full coverage
  • Free Quote
  • Commercial Risks
  • Construction Risks
  • Employee Benefits

Other than that it is best to mention how you are different from other insurance companies. As you are dealing with businessmen, it is best to make sure they see a profit in you. For example, make an offer that they would save $$$ if they buy the insurance from your company or some other kind of incentive. 

So, here are 10 attractive and eye-catching samples of ad copies that you can use for your Business Insurance ads on Facebook and Google.

Ad Copy 1:
Primary Text:
We understand the burden of workers’ compensation, so Call us today and get a quote for our Business insurance and let us take the burden. 
Heading: Paying too much for your workers’ compensation? Get our insurance today!

Ad Copy 2:
Primary Text:
Businesses are prone to a wide range of losses. Get a quote for our time-trusted business insurance today and secure your business. As your local Professional insurance agents, we don’t just sell insurance. We forge a relationship. 
Heading: Secure your Business today.

Ad Copy 3:
Primary Text:
Get quotes in minutes by applying online today and you could pay £190 or less for Business insurance*
Heading: Running your business is tough enough – without worrying about insurance.

Ad Copy 4:
Primary Text:
We shift the balance in favor of the insured. Commercial Risks- Construction Risks- Personal Risks- Employee Benefits. Get a quote today.
Heading: Trust us to secure your business’ present and future.

Ad Copy 5:
Primary Text:
We are providing Businesses with reassurance, confidence, and peace of mind. (Company name) would help you achieve that, Call Us today and get a quote your business deserves. 
Heading: Every Business needs Insurance 

Ad Copy 6:
Primary Text:
Do you have gaps in your business insurance coverage? Free analysis and price comparison. We are business insurance experts for the (City) Area. Request A Quote.
Heading: Contact Us Today for Help Choosing the Right Insurance Plans for Your Specific Needs.

Ad Copy 7:
Primary Text:
There’s plenty to worry about when starting up a new business. Insurance doesn’t have to be one of them. Call Us.  
Heading: (Company Name) Insurance Agency. 

Ad Copy 8:
Primary Text:
Looking for the right insurance company to help you expand your business and create new opportunities? (Company name) It is the perfect fit for you. We are a locally grown insurance company who knows (Area name)’s market and are specialists in navigating the complex trends of the industry here. Call Us today for a free consultation. 
Heading: Take the First step to expand your business with our Business Insurance.

Ad Copy 9:
Primary Text:
See us for a competitive bid on commercial general liability and business insurance. Call us today for a Free Quote!
Heading: Own a Business? Time to get it insured. 

Ad Copy 10:
Primary Text:
Business Insurance— ensuring all aspects of your business including property owner and public liability insurance, plus retail ISR insurance. Get an Instant Quote Online Today!
Heading: Making sure you have the right insurance doesn’t have to be a headache.

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