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10 Ad Copies For Business Loan ads

People who are going to start a new business are going to take a business loan. A study by MIT shows that the average age of start-up founders is about 42. That said, young people also start a business in a high percentage, just they have the lowest likelihood of starting a business with a successful exit. This data tells us that our target audience is people ranging from 20-45. 

Other than that, the audience if you’re looking to give business loan ads is also specified to people who have an interest in the business. So advertising on Facebook is going to benefit the most. Facebook gives control over the following factors to manipulate your audience:

  • Age, gender, language
  • Location
  • Education
  • Interests 
  • Behaviors
  • Connections 

Manipulating the controls such that your target audience is achieved is very easy in this case. In the “interests” section you have to add business related key-words. Other than that age and location are very important too. Also, it is best that your ad looks catchy and attention-grabbing. Most people when in need of a loan are going to just search on google, and thus using Google Adwords would help a lot too. 

Adding key-phrases like the following would help in making your ad look more appealing and attention-grabbing. 

  • Grow your business
  • Expand your Business
  • No Application Fees
  • Lowest Interest rates 
  • We want to help you— Expand your Business Today.
  • Getting a Business Loan now easier than ever

When it comes to loan people are most worried about the interest. So it is wise to mention the interest in the ad (in a way that it would not look as high or impactful). Also, your contact information should be upfront. And any other kind of incentive mentioned in the ad would make you seem a better choice than the other companies out there. 

So, here are 10 attractive and eye-catching samples of ad copies that you can use for your Business Loan ads on Facebook and Google.

Ad Copy 1:
Primary Text:
No Application fees- Approved in less than 24 Hours- No Upfront costs. Apply Now!
Heading: We offer Small Business Loans.

Ad Copy 2:
Primary Text:
Get a step closer to a bright future. No upfront costs and an easy application process. Apply now for the lowest mark-up rate possible.
Heading: Can’t find the perfect loan for your start-up? Think again.

Ad Copy 3:
Primary Text:
Apply today to get a loan for your business on your demands. No hassle, no hidden fees, no upfront costs. Avail the lowest interest rate possible. 
Heading: You build your business, let us lay the foundation.

Ad Copy 4:
Primary Text:
We want to help you become successful. We offer trust and the lowest interest rate of 5% with that.  
Heading: Business loans now at the lowest interest rates. 

Ad Copy 5:
Primary Text:
Being a businessman is not easy. So we made getting a business loan easier. Apply Now and get your loan in 24 hours*. — Lowest Mark-up
Heading: Easiest Business loan possible. 

Ad Copy 6:
Primary Text:
Trust us to help you grow your business. Our Program’s repayment terms are the most flexible, and we offer low-interest rates. Get a loan today starting from $25,000.
Heading: Are you Looking to Grow your Business? Try our Business Loan Program.

Ad Copy 7:
Primary Text:
Apply Online today. No waiting in long embarrassing lines anymore. We are highly private and confidential. Avoid costly overdraft fees and hidden charges. Apply for your business loan today.
Heading: Get Up to $1,000* as soon as Tomorrow— (Company name) Business Loan Program.

Ad Copy 8:
Primary Text:
Expand your Business, Pay only interest as EMI. With (Company name) Business program you can now truly expand your business without worrying about loan payment. — Flexible repayment terms. No upfront costs. Apply Now!
Heading: (Company name) Business loan Program

Ad Copy 9:
Primary Text:
A Loan Program that would give you the flexibility you need to expand your business. Apply Now Online to save up to $100 on your business loan.
Heading: Fuel for your Business — a Business loan that would keep your business rolling.

Ad Copy 10:
Primary Text:
Think Big with (Company Name) Loan Program. We are experts in Small Business, thus we have come up with the perfect Loan program for Small Business Owners. — Lowest Interest Rate. Flexible Repayment Terms. Fastest Application. Apply Now!
Heading: Small Business Loans— Receive funds in as little as 2 hours.

So, These are the examples of the most working business loan ads, try these to reap fruitful outcomes. 

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