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10 Stunning Ad Copies For Your Personal Loan Facebook ads

Anyone can be in need of money, and when the amount is low, and the reason for a loan is disambiguated, then people go for personal loans. There is no specific target audience when it comes to personal loans. But according to TransUnion, more than 27 million people bought personal loans in 2016 alone. Thus here is the perfect article for Personal loan Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

If you are advertising for personal loans, the best platform is Google and Facebook. Anyone looking for personal loans is ought to search it up on google, so for that use Google AdWords. Other than that many people would just take up an offer when a random Facebook ad hits them. 

Facebook provides control over the target audience. In this case, we don’t have a specific audience but it would be wise to narrow down the location if you’re a location-based company and exclude people who might not be interested in a loan, like children.

To make your ad more engaging and catchy consider using phrases like the following in your Personal loan Facebook ads or on Google AdWords.

  • Getting a Personal Loan Made easier
  • Low Credit? Don’t worry!
  • Instant Approval
  • Low-interest rate
  • Easy Installments
  • Personal Loan Upto
  • No hidden fees

So, here are 10 attractive ad copies that you can use for your Personal Loan ads on Facebook and Google.

Ad Copy 1:
Primary Text:
Apply online for (Company Name) personal loan at lowest interest rates with quick disbursal. Repay loan with ease and flexible repayment tenors ranging from 12 months to 60 months.
Heading: Get money in just 24 hours!

Ad Copy 2:
Primary Text:
Stop stressing out over money – we help you handle your day-to-day finances.
Heading: No hidden charges. No Guarantor.

Ad Copy 3:
Primary Text:
Get whatever amount of money you need in as little as 10 hours. We provide cash on the lowest interest possible. Your money is only a Click Away. 
Heading: Loan Upto Half of Your Salary – In 30 Minutes

Ad Copy 4:
Primary Text:
n Just 4 Simple Steps You Can Have the Money You Need in Your Bank Account. High Acceptance rate for bad or good Credit – No upfront or hidden fees.
Heading: Loan Disbursal In 48 Hours.

Ad Copy 5:
Primary Text:
Flexible Repayment. 6.9% mark-up. A low $100 estimated fee. Easy application even on a low credit score. Apply today and don’t miss the opportunity.
Heading: Flexible Personal Loans. Finance the things that matter to you!

Ad Copy 6:
Primary Text:
Build the bedroom that’s out of this world. Take yourself on the trip of a lifetime. Control your finances. Whatever you could use some extra money for, (company name) Flexible Personal Loan can help make it happen.
Heading: Looking for a personal loan? We are the best option.

Ad Copy 7:
Primary Text:
Quick Loan in Just 15 Minutes – Minimum Salary Required 3K
Heading: Get Up to $15,000* as soon as Tomorrow— (Company name) Personal Loan Program.

Ad Copy 8:
Primary Text:
Save thousands. Pay off your high-interest debt with a fixed-rate personal Loan, with our quick and convenient loan program. Easy instalments and low interest. Don’t waste your money anymore, Apply now. 
Heading: Personal Loan | Min Salary Required $4k pm‎

Ad Copy 9:
Primary Text:
Low-interest rate. Fixed-term: 3-5 years*. Single monthly payment. No hidden fees or prepayment penalties. Apply now and select the amount required and get the cash within 48 hours. 
Heading: Personal Loans made Simple.

Ad Copy 10:
Primary Text:
With our Personal Loans, you will be able to get the financial aid you need immediately at affordable rates with flexible loan tenures.
Heading: Personal loans $5000-$20,000 

These ads will help you get many clients seeking personal loans, just make sure to keep your ad precise and clear. If you have any other ideas or if you want to share some thoughts, comment down below and let us know. 

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