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10 Best Ad Copies for Office Space for Business Startup

There is much market in the real estate department of office space. But surely like any other client-oriented business, this requires some advertisement too. Surely the traditional methods of advertisement are not only rather expensive but also are not able to get the optimum reach as compared to the newer methods. Yes, we are talking about an online advertisement. In this article, we are going to focus on how to advertise office space. 

When we think of the perfect platform to showcase our services, we are ought to think from the client’s perspective. And no matter in which category your potential client falls in, it is a must they have regular access to Facebook and Google. Thus these two are the most optimum platforms to advertise office space if you want results.

Here we have compiled a list of 10 ad copies to help you advertise office space. No need to sit affront the blank screen for hours thinking about what to write in your ad. 

Anyone who would be interested in buying an Office Space is either going to be a startup businessman or an established. Thus your target audience is business owners which you can filter ours by using Facebook advertisement tools. Other than that including words and phrases like these would help:

  • Most Affordable rates
  • Especially for Startups
  • Take the next step
  • Number of employees
  • Meeting rooms
  • Fully Furnished, etc.

Here are 10 Ads Samples for Office Space for Business Startup

Ad Copy 1:
Primary Text:
New office co-working space available in (Location). Perfect for business startups with 2-5 employees. Call us now for a free visit (Number)
Heading: The Office Co-working space you need   

Ad Copy 2:
Primary Text:
We are providing the best office spaces for business startups and professionals. We have accommodations for business with 2 employees to 50 employees. Reach out to us before your competitors do! (Number and Address)
Heading:   Best Office Private Space in (City Name)

Ad Copy 3:
Primary Text:
(Name) office rentals will provide you professional and fully furnished office space to conduct your business. Special arrangements for special meetings are also available. Call us today at (Number)
Heading: (Name) Office Rentals – You do the business, we provide the space.  

Ad Copy 4:
Primary Text:
Business startup and looking for professional office space? We are here to help you out in every way. Fully furnished workspace for startups and new companies, including reception service and meeting rooms. Reach out to us for a free visit (Number)
Heading: Small office and Hot Desking – (Name of Company)

Ad Copy 5:
Primary Text:
A creative and professional space for professionals, freelancers, and startups. Don’t wait for this important step and book a visit now; (Number or Website)
Heading: Co-Working Space | (Name) Furnished Offices

Ad Copy 6:
Primary Text:
Start your Business with (Company Name). Monthly Rentals | 24-hour secure access | Multiple Conference Rooms.
Heading: Interested in flexible office space?

Ad Copy 7:
Primary Text:
Let us be helping with your business. We provide flexible plans to choose from along with reception and many other services. Contact No (Number)
Heading: Flexible plans for teams of 1 to 500+ | (Name) Office Spaces – Co-working

Ad Copy 8:
Primary Text:
You do the dealing and we would provide the spaces. Get the most affordable co-working space in the region. Come and be a part of us (Number and Address) 
Heading: Looking for Office Space to start your business?

Ad Copy 9:
Primary Text:
You don’t have the money to pay heavy rents yet, and we understand that. Call us today and get the perfect office space for your startup (Number)
Heading: Affordable Office Space for your startup!

Ad Copy 10:
Primary Text:
Co-work | Incubate | Accelerate | Professional office spaces for the cheapest rates possible. We are here to help you out. Reach out to us at (Number)
Heading: Take the essential step for your startup! Get a working space

I hope you have an idea now of what a good advertisement looks like. Analyze these ads and make sure you understand how to replicate the perfect ad for your client. 

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